Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The surgeon, Dr. Bryant, came to talk to us around 8pm. He said Jaden did really well and he said they did not touch the stent because it was way tooo hard to get at. So they felt it was best to just leave the stent alone. They did have to put a hole between the upper and lower chamber to help with the pressure. So because of the hole his oxygen level will not be around 100% like they had hoped for. He will instead be around the high 80's.

We are all a little confused with the hole and the function of it and stuff. We get more clarification tomorrow. So for tonight we will just watch him very closely to make sure everything goes well. Sal and I will sleep at the hospital and the kids will stay at the RMH with Grandma and Candise. That's it for now.

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Krista said...

Yeah! that all sonds like good news! Get a good night's rest and we will look forward to hearing about how your night was and I know that Jaden will love having you so close.

Love and hugs from mankato