Saturday, November 07, 2009

Today was very quite. Jaden has been doing well overall but he has been very uncomfortable when trying to have a bowel movement. They turned down his pacer to see if his heart picked up on his own but it did not. So we will still have to keep watching that. At this point I am not sure how long they might wait to decide what to do if it does not pick up on its own. We will try to ask tomorrow and see what they say.

Jadens fluid intake is still restricted to 30ml per hour which he gets mad about because he wants so much more. Other then that we are just waiting for him to come to more and be more active. He was up for a long time today just hanging out in his bed. Auntie was hanging out with him for a long time listening to his stories (half of them she couldn't really understand). Ashley sat beside his bed and held his hand while they watched a movie together. Ethan still hasn't really come to yet and just tells Jaden he loves him and then he's done.

We are having more visitors tomorrow and then Sal and the kids will go home tomorrow evening so they can get back to their normal life on Monday. It will be really quite when they leave and always sad to see them go.

That's it for tonight. Jaden is out cold because they had to put in a peripheral line in his hand and then they had to take out the central line in his neck. This was a ton of crying and pain for Jaden so he got exhausted. But he sure is tough.

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Anonymous said...

goodnight from the ronald mcdonald house.... love you... auntie, ash, and ethan... xoxo!!!