Thursday, November 05, 2009

The night went fairly well. They struggled with a good balance of sedation but still keeping his blood pressure up. They ended up giving him a blood transfusion because his Hemoglobin was really low as well as his oxygen and blood pressure. After doing this they were finally able to get him balanced so he could be comfortably sedated. I was able to sleep in the PICU room after they rearranged some of the equipment. I went to sleep around 2am once he was a lot more stable.


Anonymous said...

I have been awake a lot praying for Jaden and the hole family. We will keep watching the blog and I will call when everyone is awake to set up a time to come see Jaden. It's been hard to not be there but we love you all.
Love, Ryan, Tammy, Alan, Ross, and Derek

janelle said...

You must be exhausted. I hope you can get some sleep today and keep up your strength. It must be very hard to see Jaden hooked up to so many things. Maybe Ethan needs a little time out to do something fun with the grandparents. Will keep checking in and saying prayers. Love, Janelle and Terry

Anonymous said...

We love you. Just read everything to Emily, she was unpacking Ashley's costume and asked. Thank you for the updates! God Bless and let us know if you need any help juggling kids when you get home! Chris is really excited to take Beka to the concert tonight, she still doesn't know she gets to hear her favorite song in the whole world live and in person and probably get a picture to boot!!! Thank you for thinking of us.

Anonymous said...

The kids and I prayed at the kitchen table last night I told them about Jaden. Hunter is 10 Kody is 7 and Hailey is 6, and we prayed.