Monday, November 09, 2009

Jaden is the same, very mellow and not wanting to move around at all. Sal dropped the kids off at school this morning, picked up the dogs from the kennel and brought them home and then came here to bring me lunch and see Jaden for awhile.

During rounds this morning, the Dr's said that they won't be able to pull Jaden's chest tubes out today because he still had to much output. They will see if they can take them out tomorrow but Jaden has already had quite a bit of output today so we will see. After they pull the tubes out they will do an echo the next day. So right now the earliest we could leave would be Wednesday. But I won't even hold my breath as no one can know until Jadens tubes dry up more.

Today we will just hang out and watch movies. Sal and I tried to convince Jaden to let us take him on a wagon ride in the hallways but he said no. We told him he would lay on a bunch of pillows and it would be really cozy but again he said no. We will see if he is up to it later.


Anonymous said...

Do you remember that song that grandpa Krueger sang in the Noah's Ark musical - "Have patience, Have patience, don't be in such a hurry." I know it's hard to be patient at this point, but sweet Jaden has been through so much and needs time to heal. Besides, he wants you to remember that he's the boss!! Great news that he continues to do so well!!
Take good care of him and yourselves!


Candise said...

The post above me from Karen made me laugh how Jaden always says, "I'm the boss!" He's such a doll. Just wanted to let you know that I miss you both! Glad to hear he's doing better. My birthdays only four days away so remind him that he's my present and he better be home by friday! Love you. Give my monkey some kisses and remind him I love him... to the moon and back of course!!!! Love, Candise

dana said...

hi, just saw your message... i will come visit tomorrow when Olive is napping... i'll be at work for a while in the AM... you can also stop by any time!! tomorrow or wed. we may get to go home... we'll see... glad to hear Jaden is still doing well!!!

see ya tomorrow... maybe lunch? 1pm or so?? i'll swing by

janelle said...

I'm glad to here that you are getting closer to coming home. I'm sure that will perk Jaden up. One day at a time. Take care. Love, Janelle and Terry.

~Tia Kelly said...

Jaden has already done so well and of course we know that a big part of that is because he has so much love that surrounds him and he can feel how powerful that is.
I'm glad Jaden understands his boundries and what he can and cannot do. I think with him understanding that, he will heal faster.

Karen-Even though I didn't see Grandpa in the musical, that song has carried on for a long time in the Krueger family...thanks for the sweet reminder and memory. Now...where did I put my watch...


Anonymous said...

That song is from Music of my favorite childhood records! Herbert the Snail :)
Hope Jaden gets well soon! He's in my thoughts and prayers. Miss you all!

Love, Angie