Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How the days fly by. We will have been home for a week tomorrow already. We are all trying to regroup and get back to a more normal life. Ethan is still having some issues with lots of whining and break downs. Getting into a little trouble in school as well. But we are trying to remain patient with him and work through it. Ashley is having a lot of fun with Jaden and they are always hanging out together. Sal is trying to get caught up from all of the work he missed and he is exhausted. I have a very loud to do list that I am slowly catching up with.

Jaden has had lots going on. Home Care came Monday and today. Speech-Jessie & OT-Janelle from the school district came together bearing gifts for Jaden on Tuesday. Lana a family friend came on Tuesday after Jessie & Janelle left. Jaden had his Pediatrician check up Tuesday afternoon. Everything looked good as far as Cardiac was concerned. But Dr. Kulus felt Jadens stomach because he had been saying his tummy hurt and I told Dr. Kulus he has been complaining about that since a few weeks before the surgery. She thought his Liver felt enlarged. So we are having an ultrasound tomorrow morning to check it out. Then next week when we go and see Chip, the Cardiologist, he is going to do extra blood work to check on that. So hopefully nothing bad comes of this as he has gone through so much already.

I am still working on making time to upload pictures onto my computer from the camera and then on to the blog. That will come soon I hope.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Steph! Sounds like things are going as normal as they can. I hope the tummy pain turns out to be nothing or at best - a minor fix! You've all been through so much, some down time for healing for everyone would be good right now!

We love you all!


Tia Kelly said...

Even though we all are anxious to know how everything is going with everyone, don't let the blog be a stressor on your "to do" list. First and foremost is taking care of your family, especially little hearts that don't understand everything.

~Tia Kelly