Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

We moved to the floor yesterday afternoon. It was a good transition. All of the nurses were happy to see Jaden again but this time with his surgery behind us. Jaden had a paparatzzi following him all the way to his room. Then they all kept coming back to look at him. One of the nurses said she had never seen him so quite and still.

We are still trying to control his pain and find the happy medium. His 3 chest tubes are all still in and this mornings x-rays showed he still had quite a bit of air in his lungs. They checked the tubes and the connections were a little loose which would be why the air was not being pulled out. They tightened the tubes and increased the pressure of the chest tube box thing which is what helps to suck out the air and fluids. We will do another x-ray later today to check on the air in the lung area.

He has not been eating much for the last day and a half. Hopefully he will start to feel better today and start eating again. I still have not held him yet as he is in so much pain. The aide was just doing his vitals and she got his first smile since surgery. I told her she was fired. He was supposed to smile at me first. But I guess he is a flirt and when a pretty girl comes along he has to put on his charm ;-) It looks like Jaden is coming around...


Krista said...

WAY TO GO BIG GUY!! Save some smiles for your Mom!!

Glad to hear that things are going well.

Have a great day!

kellyb said...

Glad to hear that he has some smiles in his heart. He must have known he went to the "floor" and is on his way to recovery and won't have so many people pestering him. That was really good news to hear about him smiling. Thanks for the simple but significant lift Jaden!

Sara Wester said...

Great news! It sounds like Jaden wants to come home for Christmas.
Take care.

Stacy said...

Great news Steph and Sal!! I am sure that everyone is happy to see him coming around again. Cuddle and spoil him rotten as soon as you can. He deserves it!
Luv, Stacy

Kristin said...

I'm glad to hear Jaden is doing well enough to be on the floor. I would have fired that nurse too! :P

Hey, in your spare time - LOL - can you help me come up with a name for my product/store? I hear you're really good at that...

Love ya!

Steph and Mitch T said...

We'll continue to pray for Jaden today. I hope that he gets stronger with each day and is jumping all over the place just like normal soon. It must be so hard to see him in that much pain. I hope that you are feeling better too and are getting some sleep at night.

Steph T