Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

The plans have changed many times with in the last 2 days. At one point we were going to go home today and then at another point we were going to go home tomorrow. Now we are not sure when we will get to go home.

Friday night Jaden's eyes were a little glazed like, and one had a little discharge. I pointed it out to everyone and we were watching it. Then Saturday morning both his eyes were like that as well and his ear had a rashy look to it. Since Friday afternoon until now Jaden only wants to lay on his left side and when he lays on his back he cries really hard. Then yesterday afternoon we did a rectal temp. to try and help stimulate him to poop. We then discovered he had a temp of 101.7. He had also been sleeping all day Saturday so we knew something was not right with him. We sent in blood work and saw that his CRP's were elevated which is to help with inflammation. This can be common after surgery so we were not overly worried. By the end of the day yesterday he was pretty miserable.

So today he has been very uncomfortable all day long. He has had a hard time sleeping because he is not comfortable. We have checked his ears, did a nose scrape, urine check and all has come up good. We did an echo yesterday, a chest x-ray this morning and an abdominal x-ray today. All looks well. We are hoping this is just a little bug that will work itself out. Well, just a little while ago we took another rectal temp. and that came up with 103.6. With a temp that high, obviously Jaden is feeling horrible. After that temp. we sent in more blood to be checked again.

Now obviously we will not be leaving tomorrow due to his temp. shooting so high. We will wait to see what his blood work comes back with and determine what we do from there. So we need strong prayers that nothing comes back and his temp. works it way through. We were here in November for 3 weeks and 10 of those days were just working through the antibiotic treatment. My goal is to just get home by Christmas Eve. So we have a few days to get this out of his system. I will update you all tomorrow with what we find in his blood work.

Love you all!


kelly b said...

Wow! That temp really shot up! I can't believe with all the different types of testing being done that nothing is showing up...hmmm...I guess we just have to do what we know best and that is to continue praying for this sweet soul.

Stacy said...

Good morning - I'm sorry to hear that Jaden is not feeling well. I sure hope that temp dropped over night!!!
I will pray that Jaden will be home for Christmas Eve!!
Luv, Stacy

Steph and Mitch T said...

(((Hugs))) I'm sorry to hear that Jaden feels so miserable! I will be praying that with the high temps that it is not bacteria and it is only a little bug. But no matter what it is, I will be praying that he is feeling better soon!!

Please be sure to tell him that if all this is just because he still wants me and Kristin to come see him, that we will be happy to come see him at home, too! *wink*

Love you,

Kristin said...

I'm with Steph T, we are just as willing to come visit Jaden at home! lol

Prayers are being said...

Love you.

Sara Wester said...

I hope Jaden is feeling better today. He likes to keep everyone on their toes doesn't he? I'll continue to pray for everyone's good health.
Take care.

Steph and Mitch T said...

Hey there! Can't wait to hear an update...praying for you.