Monday, December 11, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Jaden is stable and looks really good. He is asleep and they will extibate him as soon as he comes to a little more.

Sal and I were about to go in to see him and the nurse stopped us and said we had to wait a little longer. She had said one of his lungs had collapsed a little and they needed to put in another chest tube to help release the pressure from the air that had collected around his lung. They said this should not be a problem and the chest tube will solve the problem. Having to go in after the surgery to add a chest tube does not make it any easier on any of us.

He is a trooper and is super duper CUTE!!!


Sara Wester said...

I'm so glad this step is finally behind you. I pray Jaden's recovery is quick so that you can go home soon. I'll also pray for your quick return to good health.
Take care,

Stacy said...

I am hoping that no news is good news this morning. I really hope that you all had a good night and that Jaden is recovering as planned. He knows mommy and daddy are close and that he has A LOT of people of love him and are praying for a speedy recovery.
Luv, Stacy

Krista said...

We are also hoping that no news is good news! Hopefully you were able to get some rest last-night and know that now you are one step closer to being done with the surgeries. Spend some time with your little cutie today!

Sorry I couldn't get my posts to work yesterday. I left a comment after each post but there was something wrong with blogger and I had downloaded the update. I thought about you all day and hoped all was well.

Take care.