Monday, October 19, 2009

The weekend went really well in our house. Pretty much everyone is done with their colds. We even dared to go to the mall for a little bit to get the kids some winter gear (we found hand sanitizer in many locations around the mall and definitely used it each time we found it). Now we just have to keep the colds away for the next few weeks so that we don't have to reschedule surgery again.

There are only 38 days until Thanksgiving. There are 16 days until Jadens surgery. The average time of stay in the hospital after this surgery with no complications is 5-14 days. That leaves a window of 8-17 days leeway to not be stuck in the hospital for Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving in the hospital 2 years ago. We also had a stay in the hospital 1 1/2 weeks before Christmas and then another time a few days after New Years. I think we have had enough holiday time in the hospital.

So we are working hard on keeping those pescky BUGS out of our house.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I'm so glad that things are better at your house. It is so hard to keep the germs out of the house. I am cleaning and spraying all the time.
We will keep all of you in our prayers as the surgery day gets closer. God must have reason for wanting it later. We hope the best for all of you. If you have to be at the hospital of rht Holidays then just be thankful that you have the family and can celebrate
Love you guys.

kbentson said...

Hey Guys,
I hope that so far your family is all feeling healthy and strong for the upcoming surgery! We are opraying for you and your family.
Love you guys,
Krista and Team Bentson