Friday, October 02, 2009

Life is always so full of excitement in our house. We got released from the hospital yesterday around lunch time and went to the Ronald McDonald House to pack and clean up. We got home around 2:30pm and the boys went downstairs to play Lincoln Logs. Around 3pm Sal comes running upstairs carrying Jaden who has blood running down his face. Apparently Ethan and Jaden decided to throw the Lincoln Logs at each other and one hit Jaden right by his eye. With much debate and even more hesitation, we took Jaden to the emergency room. Candise had just gotten here so she stayed with Ash & Ethan while Sal and I took Jaden to the ER. Two hours and three stitches later we got home. As if Jaden needed anymore Dr. poking needles in him.

So then today I take Ethan to the Dr. because he has been sick since last Sunday with a fever on and off and a cough getting worse each day. He still was his wild self and had plenty of energy and no other symptoms. I knew he did not have the flu but we have been having him wear a mask all week just in case. So the Dr. checked for Influenza which came back negative. (I knew that) They also did an xray of his lungs because I thought it was something related to his lungs. This morning I had even looked in my Essential Oil reference book at Pneumonia. Well the Dr. came back in with the xray results and sure enough Ethan has Pneumonia. Isn't that just dandy?! Just what we needed, more drama. So Ethan will continue to wear a mask, we will use oils on him and he will take some medicine. Hopefully he will be better by Monday. He missed this entire week of school and he will have to miss more school when we go back for the surgery.

The team of Cardiologists, Surgeons, Anastesialogists(sp) and all others who will be involved in Jaden's surgery met this morning. If they don't call us by Monday afternoon with the action plan we will call them. Hopefully we will have a date soon so we can finally sleep after 3 1/2 years of waking up every single night to check on Jaden and give him 1-3 bottles of Pediasure to help get his weight on.

Hopefully this weekend is dull with absolutely no action.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! It's always everything at once isn't it?! How hard is it that Jaden needs your full attention, strength and love right now and then your other baby is not feeling well either and needs you more now too. Thank goodness for your PCA's, family and love support that surrounds you and is thinking of your family very frequently right now.
~Tia Kelly

Anonymous said...

WOW! Never a dull minute, is there! But, on the other hand, good that Jaden feels good enough to be running around & playing. I hope that Ethan is feeling better!! Poor little guy - wearing a mask all the time can't be much fun for him.

We continue to send prayers & hugs your way.

Love, Karen