Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So we made the call to the hospital and cancelled Jaden's surgery for Friday. It was so hard but we knew he just wasn't going to be rid of his cold. It is just hard as we are going through all of the emotions of actually doing the surgery but also all of the planning for kids, work, school, activities, dogs etc... The planning is hard on us and then it keeps changing. I have to remind myself that this gives us that many more days to load oils on Jaden and get him even stronger for the surgery.

Ms. Leslie from our school, SCCS, reminded me "In God's time it will happen." This is true and I know this. I just sometimes try to think I can make the plans because it is best for our schedule, for our lives. It was a nice reminder thought that God is in charge and we need to listen to Him.

So Sal and I will look at the dates the hospital gave us and try to decide which date would be best for all of us. Ethan and I prayed about it on the way to gymnastics tonight that God would help us make a wise decision on the best time to do the surgery. Then Ethan said, "mom you said a very nice prayer." It was so sweet and touching that he felt compelled enough to tell me that.

So I will let you all know what the next surgery date will be.


Anonymous said...

This is exactly the prayer I have been praying since the last surgery...is that this upcoming surgery will happen when it's right for Jaden and that we listen to God for He knows what's best.

I can just hear Ethan making a sweet comment like that. Awww.

I can never remember how to spell surgery...did I get it right?

Tia Kelly

Anonymous said...

Where's Wally?

Kristin said...

So sorry you are looking at more of a wait. Praying with you for the wisdom to choose the date that is right for Jaden... God's timing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph & Sal,
So sorry that you had to postpone Jaden's surgery. I know how stressful it has been for all of you, but you have to remember this is all about Jaden and what is best for Jaden. Everything happens for a reason, and the surgery will happen - in God's time.

Sending lots of love, hugs & prayers!

janelle said...

Sounds like good advise. Believe in your higher power. I am sorry that you are all going through this struggle but you are doing what is best for Jaden. Terry and I are sending our prayers out for your family. Love, Janelle

Anonymous said...

We are certainly praying for your family. May God give you the wisdom and courage to face these waiting days.
Steve and Portia Hunstiger