Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We had a scare yesterday thinking the kids might be sick again. Sunday night Ethan had a low grade fever. I was like "great not again." I checked it 30 min. later and no fever. So then I was like "this is strange." I checked it again in the middle of the night and then Monday morning and still no fever. We decided to keep Ethan home from school just in case. Ashley also was complaining of a stomach ache Sunday night and then Monday morning so she stayed home as well. As the day went on, they both showed no signs of feeling yucky. They were contained to their rooms with only reading available to them and masks on their face all day. False alarm I guess. Hopefully nothing still comes of it. They went to school today and seemed just great this morning. We used the diffuser all day yesterday and moved it to every single room. We also rubbed oils on all 3 of the kids chests all day long.

Sal and I will be taking Jaden down to the cities Wednesday night for his appointment Thursday morning. We are going down the night before because we will sit in traffic for hours if we go the morning of. My mom will come and stay the night with Ash & E and then take them to school in the morning. Thanks mom!!! Krisin, I was a little confused as well why we are doing his physical the week before. I guess the only rule as far as the physical goes is we can do it out one week. I would think they would want it to be the day before but 1 week out is fine. It will be long for us as it will be 3-4 hours long. We will do an echo, chest xrays, blood work, meet with the Cardiologist and meet with the Surgeon. We have never met the Surgeon so I am very anxious to meet with him and ask him questions. Hopefully Sal and I feel very confident with him, his experience and his ability to do such a rare and difficult procedure.

We will then go down next Tuesday to check into the Ronald McDonald House for surgery on Wednesday. We will bring all of our pop tabs that everyone has helped collect on Tuesday and turn them into the office. Wait until you see the pictures we took with the pop tabs this past weekend. It was very fun. We will have access to them in a few days.

That is all the updates for now. Jaden is staying healthy. We just need prayers that he does not get any bugs in his system when we go to his Dr. appointment on Thursday. I am very nervous about that. We will try and have him wear a mask if he will cooperate. At least while we are in the public areas.


Kristin said...

Good to hear you are all staying healthy! Will be praying for that to continue.

I've been saving pop tabs. If I get a chance, I'll try to get them to you before you go down for the surgery. Otherwise, if you're ever on this side of town, feel free to drop in. ;)

Marilyn said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers and I love that I can keep up with what is happening through this blog.

You have been on the prayer list since you and I met outside the church a couple of weeks ago. We lifted your family up in prayer yesterday and now everyday.

Sisters in Christ,