Monday, September 21, 2009

So now that it is a few days later...

I meant to say that Jaden had Croup not Whooping Cough. I was a wee bit on the tired side and could not quite think as clearly. I knew what I meant but didn't write it that way.

So Carrie ended up taking Jaden to the clinic on Friday and the Dr. said everything looked good so no concerns there. I then had Candise bring Jaden down to stay with us at the hotel. So Candise and Jaden got to go into the expo and play with all of the oils, have Ninja Red shots and have some yummy oil infused chocolate. Friday night we were expecting another bad night of coughing for Jaden as it always last 3 nights. But he coughed once which didn't even wake him up. We had put oils all over him that helped with respitory issues. I know as a fact this is what ended his Croup. It was really amazing to see the power of the oils.

Jaden and Candise went and hung out at the expo with the oils again on Saturday morning and then Candise brought him home. He now however has a cold. It is not yucky, just a lot of cough during the day but not too bad.

Because he has a oold we now have to postpone his heart Cath. It is now scheduled for the 30th. Hopefully the surgery will still be the week following. If Jaden has his cold even a tiny bit, he will not be able to have the Cath. done on the 30th and we would have to reschedule again. We will keep you posted on his health.

As always, Jaden wants to remind us we are not in control.

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Kristin said...

So, I finally added your blog to my RSS feed so I'll know what's going on. LOL

Praying that Jaden gets over his cold quickly, and the everything can proceed as planned.