Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jaden went in at 8am this morning and daddy went with to help put him to sleep. Mommy is WAYYYY to emotional to do that. They called down to the waiting room around 9:30 to let us know everything was going well. They had said it took them quite a bit longer then expected to put the lines in. (We knew that would be the case). They then were going to start with the cath. They called again right now 10am to let us know that his heart looks good for surgery but he has outgrown his stent. So they are going to have to go in and fix that. This means longer time in surgery, more possible complications and Jaden will have to stay the night forsure for evaluation.

We will let you know when he is down and what the status is. Check below at the photos I posted.


Anonymous said...

Hi hope all is going well I will keep checking in for updatess. If you need anything let me know!
Lots of Hugs and Love,

Ruby and Poncho said...

Love you all bunches!!!

Krista said...

Hope things are going OK. Just checking for an update on Mr. Jaden.
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Jaden's being such a big boy! :)
~Tia Kelly