Monday, September 28, 2009

Jaden will be having his heart cath. this Wednesday. We need to be to the hospital by 6am with a scheduled start time of 8am. We need heavy prayers for everything to go well and that there be no complications. We are supposed to be in and out the same day. This is a pretty serious procedure with possiblities of many different complications though. If there are any problems they will keep Jaden in the hospital to monitor over night.

Below is a link to describe what they do in the procedure. Many of you have asked me to explain and that is one thing I have a very hard time doing. You can also look up his condition "Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome" on this site as well if you are interested in the full details of Jaden's heart. There are also some really cool websites from different university's that have some very detailed pictures. Just do a google search if you are interested.

Ethan got a fever yesterday and threw up this morning so please pray for our family to stay healthy and that we don't pass anything on to Jaden as it would postpone everything.

We'll keep you posted on Wednesday as we progress through the procedure...


Mary said...

Wish I could just give Jaden some of my reserves! That would bump him up on the scale pretty darn fast! We are praying for him and for you and your family daily. Thanks for this link so I can stay up to speed.

Thinking of you,

New Dawn Natural Healing said...

It is that time again when we know what our little angel Jaden has to go through. I know that there will be so many prayers going out for this little one. We have all gone through this with Jaden two times before, getting ready for a surgery. It will seem like time stands still at times while we wait for the day and then wait again until it is over. I know without a doubt that there will be many, many angels all around him and all of us. Special prayers go out for Mom and Dad as they have to be a pillar of strenght for Jaden, as well as Ashley and Ethan.
Blessings in the days to come!!!
Grandma Rose