Friday, September 18, 2009

So I am away from home for a few days. Since Jaden was born, I have been to scared to be away from my kids. One night Jaden had a sleep over with his Gma and one night he had a sleepover with his Tia Kelly. Otherwise, I have been with him every night. Well I am at a Young Living Convention in MPLS Wed-Sat with my mom (They sell Essential Oils and other Purely naturally things). It was very hard for me to come. I cried a few times as it was so emotional for me to leave my kids.

Well last night at midnight Sal calls me and Jaden is screaming in the back ground. He got Whooping Cough. And just a few hours before I had told my mom since Ash got a cold I can guarantee Jaden will get sick. I could hear him sounding like a seal. He has had this many times before. Sal could not get him to stop crying and at one point on the phone Jaden got so bad that Sal was like, "Jaden just breath." I was so scared as was Sal. We talked through what to do and then Jaden finally settled down. He then called again at 2am with another episode. We talked through that again and Jaden settled down.

Of course when Jaden gets anything he likes to challenge us and go full out. There's that Gonzalez/Krueger blood of his ;-) And of course the one time I actually take some time for me and leave this happens. I will be calling his Dr. today to see what we should do as I know he will have episodes again tonight. Do I stay or do I go home. I have been brainstorming on options.

His heart cath is in one week and we need him strong not just getting over being sick. So of course loads of prayers.

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tia kelly said...

Sorry to hear your weekend of relaxation turned out to be stressful rather than relaxing. Not what you needed especially now. Poor little guy...