Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Our computer has been on the fritz the last few days so have not been able to get on. We have had a very good week. Jaden has been doing very well and is finally keeping down his horrible multi-vitamin with iron. The first few times he would through it all up so it did no good. He now gag's but is pretty good at keeping it down. So hopefully his hemoglobin will be high enough when we go back. His cry is getting much louder and it is nice to hear. He is on a pretty good schedule and we know a few times when he will take a nap and when he will wake up at night. He did this all on his own.

Ash and Ethan are glad to get a little more action in their lives again this week. Ash is loving tennis very much and tells me all about the parts of the tennis racket. Ethan is glad to be back to pre-school. He loves it so much. I had a conference with his teacher and she said he is doing great.

Tomorrow we are going to the cities for Sal's driving championship with FedEx. They do an obstacle course with their big semi-trailers, they take a written test, they are interviewed and also judged on their appearance. It is a lot like the military inspections. It is pretty exciting. We have a banquet Sunday night which is always fun. Hopefully Jaden will be fine and not get over done with all of the new things. Ryan, Tammy and Kelly are watching Ash and Ethan for the weekend. It will be a nice break for all of us.

Hope you all have a great weekend....


Steph and Mitch T said...

Whoo Hoo! The fedex championship sounds like a lot of fun. Be sure to get pictures of Sal's cool rig and spit-shined boots. :)))

It was soooo nice to have you stop by for a while yesterday afternoon. I loved holding Jaden and getting to feed him. Thanks again for sharing him. Thank you too for the blessing of the clean house. My entryway looks 10 times better. I want to take a picture, but that would be kind of boring to everyone else, lol. I'm looking forward to hearing if Tami is able to find out anything from La Leche League about the paralyzed vocal chord. Man, it was so nice to hear the improvement in Jaden's voice yesterday!!

Love ya,

Kristin said...

Thanks for the update! LOL Now that I've motivated the two of you, I feel like I should do something on my own blog. :P

It's so good to hear that Jaden is doing well. And, how exciting that he seems to have more of a "voice"!

Have a GREAT weekend :)


Krista said...

Hi Steph,
It sounds like you guys are doing awesome and things are falling into place! I can't wait to hear Jaden's voice again! HINT, HINT:))
The Fedex Championship sounds like it will be fun. GOOD LUCK SAL!!!
Enjoy the week-end....It sounds like it will be a good one!
Love to you all,

PS. I got the floaty at Toys R Us.

the once removed auntie kelly said...

We-hhhll. No wonder you've had a good week with Jaden. Some of those times previously when he was crying, Jaden was really trying to say, where is my tia kelly to give me kisses and lovin! So, since I was able to visit you guys last weekend, he got a surplus of tia kelly time in. With of course, more to come...

And you were worried that a member in your family would be quiet??? Oh no! He's got the Krueger gene (a.k.a. loud and need attention) gene in him. I wonder how many other parents out there want to hear their babys' cry louder?! ;)

See you this weekend to help cheer RIDE-SALLY-RIDE on!

Karen said...

Hey Steph,
Tell Sal good luck! Wal-Mart has the driving champiaonships too! Sam has tried them, but didn't do very good, and hasn't done them since! So glad that Jaden is improving a little with every day. Your kids are so busy, but that's good - put's them in the spotlight too for a second!

Have a great week-end! We think of you so often and wish that we lived closer to you - we'd love to see you! Hugs to everyone!