Thursday, June 29, 2006

Check out our slide show of some of our family pictures...


Stacy said...

Hey guys! Those pictures are great!! What a great looking family! Hope all is well. Things are pretty quiet in Rochester.

Take care!

Luv, Stacy

Kristin said...

How fun! You all just make such a cute little family :) It's obvious the older ones ADORE baby Jaden ;) Thanks for sharing!


Steph and Mitch T said...

The slide show is really cool! I'm so glad I got to be a part of that. :) It was so fun to see you again today and size diapers. Tell Jaden thanks for the smiles!

Love ya,
Steph T

Krista said...

Those photos are just priceless. What a happy group you have.
I was glad to hear that all os well with Jaden. We can't wait to see him.

Have a great holiday week-end.

Karen said...

Great pictures! Your dad had told me about some of them, and then complained because he hadn't seen the one that you sent him. Personally, I think it's his short term memory!

The pictures are great - what an awesome family. So glad that Jaden continues to get good check-ups.

Have a great week-end with your mom - tell her hi!


Cindy See said...

Great pictures!!

Mitch T was telling us (at Katherine's party...he, his out of town guest & the kids were at Riverside Park at the same time)about the Garden pictures. I think I'll have to do that with the kids for their Christmas pictures!

kellyb said...

Sorry I haven't checked in in awhile. Everything has been so crazy! Your photographer is really amazing! Of course it helps to have such a photogenic family!:)

Can't wait to see one of my favorite families this weekend! I need to get away from it all, (and enjoy arguing kids instead). :)

Krista said...

Have a GREAT 4th!! We are hanging out at home and seeing the fireworks tomorrow at MSU. So we don't have far to go.


Anonymous said...

Dear familly Gonzalez, Your slide show was a delight!
The pictures are so beautiful. Through tribulation
there can be so much joy. God is so good. Prayers
are still surrounding you at North Shore Communty
Church on Long Island. Thanks for keeping me up to
date. I will be writing soon so keep watching the mail.
All my love, Myrnar

Kristin said...

Hey Steph (and family)!

Hope you had a great, fun-filled weekend! Can't wait to see your next update :)


Steph and Mitch T said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Your dentist is going to take me! =) And Maggie knew me already, too, as I had done a daycare interview before--how cool is that?? Oh man, I am soooo glad that I don't have to drive to Becker! It will be almost 3 weeks before they can get me in, but I DON'T CARE...I'm just so glad that I can go somewhere local! lol...

Thanks again,

mama rose said...

Hello my honeys!

I finally got the slide show open. Maybe it is my slow computer and I just didn't wait whole 10 minutes before they were downloaded... They were great! I loved the black and white interspersed also and I love the ending where you are all walking away into the sunset. Well maybe there wasn't the sunset... but that's how all good novels end. When you are done with one, then you can start a new book... Hey the new one can start with Jaden's celebration. I know you are working at getting one or two things that will make the celebration fun for the guests... Any luck?

Love you much.... am so proud of all of you... as I am of the whole family.