Monday, June 05, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

No, we did not make it to church. And Jaden was even doing well. I was not though. I was so tired that Sal let me stay in bed until at least 9:30am. Then I layed on the couch in my pj's for awhile longer. I was so exhausted. I guess Kelly worked me good and hard. Or maybe I worked her that way. Thanks again Kelly for your help. Yesterday late afternoon Sal, the kids and I went to the nursery and got a few things for the yard. It was a nice little outing but came home fast.

Jaden is doing exceptionally well and is finally clearing up from all of his congestion. He now weights 8lbs 10oz. YEAH!! The nurse, Jenny said today that he looked great and his weight gain was wonderful. We are very happy.

Well, tomorrow the fun summer activity begins. Ethan starts back at pre-school, Ash starts tennis and dance again and they both have their last swimming lesson for the summer. We will have a very busy day tomorrow. Plus in between all of this, I have a cleaning at the dentist. Jaden will hang out in the stroller next to my chair and Ashley will watch as well. Hopefully Jaden sleeps the entire time.....

The "Celebration Of Life" party for Jaden is most likely going to be July 30th from 2-5pm. I will let you know a little later if that is the for sure date. It looks like it though so mark your calendars. You all will definitely need to join us to celebrate this journey.

Love to you all...


Stacy said...

Hi Step - I am glad that you had a productive AND relaxing weekend! It is always great to see how well Jaden is doing. It is hard to believe all he has overcome in his short little life so far. He is a strong little boy!!
I had a good weekend at mom and dads. Had a graduation party and then to the waterpark with Bentson's. Yesterday I went back down to Davenport to take mom to a couple of doctor appointments, then I came back to Rochester last night. I am glad to be home!!
I am still on vacation this week but was up at 4:30 to go to the gym, then the grocery store, I have done laundry and cleaned. (I get a lot done when I am up so early!) Now I am just waiting for Krista to call and say they are up and around. Ken has continuing ed in Roch today and tomorrow so they are spending a few days at a hotel here. It will be fun to just hang out with them.
I hope you have a great week!

Luv, Stacy

Kristin said...


How are you doing? How's Jaden? Are things starting to settle in to some sort of new routine around your place?

It's so good to hear about Jaden and how well he's doing. I'm looking forward to the next update!


Krista said...

Great to hear that all continues to go well. Sometimes sleep and relaxation are more important than stressing about getting to church (we all understand). I don't write very often but want you all to know that you are part of my morning devotions. Look forward to updates. Ken