Monday, June 12, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Hello everyone! This weekend went really well. We dropped the kids off with Ryan and Tammy Friday night and then headed to the hotel. We got to sleep pretty late after un-packing and doing all of the things that we need to do for little Jaden. Sal had to wake up really early and head over to the championships. Kelly and Steve both came Saturday to show their support. It was very cold out so it brightened our day to have them come and visit. Kelly left the championships and went to pick up the kids and kept them until Sunday night. Sal tied for 2nd in the driving portion out of 14 but placed 4th overall with the interview, pre-trip and test included. He did really good. Yeah for Sal!!

Jaden did really well over the weekend but by the end of each day was very over stimulated and needed to be done. At the banquet Sunday night, I spent a good amount of time in the ladies bathroom with him trying to calm him down enough to go to sleep.

This morning we woke up and had his 2 month well check appointment. He looked and sounded really well and weighs 9lbs 2 oz. He is 2lbs up from his birth weight, 2 months later. WOW... The rest of today we are just going to relax and prepare for the week ahead. We will be going to the cabin for father's day weekend and then we have vacation bible school next week. We have labs on Thursday to see where his hemoglobin is at. Hopefully it went up so we do not have to have a transfusion. Pray really hard for that.

Love you all and hope you all had a great weekend.



Kristin said...

Way to go Sal :)

And a BIG wow to Jaden on gaining 1/2 a pound in the last week! It would be great if he could keep gaining like that :) I'm sure you are thinking so too!

Once again, we'll be up near you over the weekend. Tim's parents (and my parents!) are in Pillager which is not too far from Nisswa at all... We plan on fishing and lazing around ;) I called Tim's mom today and told her that no one was to ask him to fix anything or finish any projects this weekend!! The poor man needs a break! LOL

See you Monday at VBS... I'm a "floater" for the K and under crowd, so they'll put me where they need me most :) Have a great week!


Kristin said...

You can see how close Pillager is to Nisswa in this map :)

Anonymous said...

That is great about the weight gain!!

I'll be seeing you at VBS! Katherine and Joshua are going but Ashley will be at volley camp at SCCS. Katherine is going to love to see your Ashley.

Karen said...

Good Job Jaden!!
So glad that he is gaining like a champ and hope that all the test come back positive on Thursday!! He and I will both have challenging days that day, won't we!

And, good job Sal! You'll have to give Sam a hard time about the driving championships - he doesn't care much for them, and doesn't take part anymore......

Have a great week - we think of you so often and remember you in our prayers!


mama rose said...

Congrats Sal!!!!

Knew it was in you... maybe next year you will come in even higher. But don't practice with a full truck of breakable deliveries :))

Jaden, this is your first truck driving contest you went to... so you got pretty excited. Well, it's a good thing you mommy knows how to take good care of you.

Haven't seen you for two weeks today and it seems forever. Miss you and love you, and all your family too.

Take care everyone...
Much love from me!!

Cindy See said...

Okay I don't know what I did but it was my post that was from "anonymous"!! Oy, it's Monday!!

Kristin said...


I've written down the number for the cabin and I'll try to give you a call while we're up! I don't know about making it over there because I think we are coming up Saturday morning and then home on Sunday evening... but we'll see :)

Since both sets of parents live up there (only about 1/2 mile apart) we have to make time for both in the two days. Sometimes it gets interesting! LOL

Have a great week!


Krista said...

WOW--2 pounds, that is so great!!! He is eating like the "super star" that he is. He seems to be doing so well. I would hope with the way he is eating that his labs are just fine!!

Have a realxing time at the cabin this week-end. We are also heading out. Ken gets to teach the twins how to fish and that is what he wanted to do for Father's Day so the three older kids will be doing that. They don't know that they are getting new poles so they will be sooooooooo excited about that!!! Then we must head back on Sunday after lunch so we can spend some time with Ken's Dad also. Always busy!!!

Love you guys,

Keep up the good work!!

Kristin said...

Hey Steph :)

How did decorating go today? Sorry I didn't come, but bringing my 4 kids along would have been so not helpful! LOL It would have been like -- well, like having TWO Ethan's along :) LOL

Aren't kids great? Chase asked me today if tomorrow was Friday. I said "No, but I wish it was Saturday... and I wish the day after that was Saturday... and the day after that... and the day after that! And I wish the grandparents would say "We'll take the kids for Saturday!"" LOL Can you guess how my week has been going?? Yipes!!

Okay, enough complaining :( And of course I love my kids! I think it's just been too long since I've had even 1 hour away from everyone!! Maybe I can manage to get some time this weekend.

Talk to you soon!


angela hary said...

So THAT's where you were this weekend! Doesn't it just figure?...when I'm up there, you're down here!
So glad to hear that Jaden's doing so well!

Krista said...

Just checking in to see how the labs went. Hope they are all GOOD!!