Friday, August 11, 2006

Overall Jaden is doing really well. He has been sneezing and coughing for a little while so we will have that checked out at his next appointment. We were supposed to go to the cities this week for his swallow study. But the scheduling people down there messed up so we have to reschedule. This is the appointment which will determine if he is ready to nurse yet or not. I feel he is not going to be ready, but I am praying that my instincts are wrong (which they usually aren't.)

He meets with his Cardiologist next week and we have an echo, chest x-ray and lab work done to see how he is growing.

We will be going down to the cities on Saturday to help dad and Mattie move into their new condo. Kelly will be watching the kids for us while we help.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Love, Steph


Kristin said...

I'm sure that it's frustrating for you when you are trying to do all the right things for Jaden, and others mess things up! We'll pray that you will be able to reschedule easily (and soon!).

Have fun with your family this weekend, and we'll see you soon! I still have to get you that diaper! It's so cute (and it was the best one I'd done so far) so it's hard for me not to just use it! LOL Good thing I have another that looks about the same :)


Krista said...

Good Luck with Jaden's appointments this week. It sounds like his is doing just great! It seems that you guys have it all together and are back into all of your regular activities, which is great for all of you.
We had a great vacation but were all ready to come home after a week. Mom is doing good so we have all been blessed lately.
Have a great week!