Friday, August 04, 2006

View this video montage created at One True Media
Jaden's Journey

Enjoy these photos of Jaden's first few weeks of life. There are some pictures that may be hard to look at. Click on the picture above to re-direct you to the video.


Kristin said...

You know... it wasn't any particular picture that was tough. It was thinking about how I would handle being in that situation. You have so much grace and courage...

Love you!


Stacy said...

That video is awesome Stephanie!!! There are so many neat pictures. It has been an incredible journey that is only going to get better!

I have said it many times before... you and Sal are doing a great job with Jaden. He is obviously getting everything that he needs and more. I am sure that Ashley and Ethan are a huge part of his recovery too. They look so proud of their baby brother.

Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you so much for sharing. You could not have picked better songs to go with the video!!

luv, Stacy

mama rose said...

Stephanie.... You did an awesome job in putting all those pictures together and the music was so perfect. Both selections were moving and it ended perfectly. Seeing the pictures brought back a mountain of emotions... remembering Jaden's journey. It seems like ages ago but then it seems like yesterday too.

Thanks for sharing that all with us. Sending blessings to Jaden tonight... he's been such a star. :))

Love ya much,

Anonymous said...

Like Kristin said it wasn't any particular picture...I was crying thru the whole thing. Also like Rose said it brought back all the emotions.

Jaden has had, what some people would say, a long hard journey in his short life span but it has been filled with strength and love for all that has been around him. He is such a blessing and also so blessed to have the family and friends that support him. His family's courage and love is so awesome. And I know it's only thru God that you all have been able to have that courage and strength.

Jaden is such a beautiful child and I cannot wait to see him grow up to be just as wonderful as his sister and brother is.

God bless you!
Love, Cindy

Kristin said...

Hey... Missed you in church today! I also thought maybe you'd be at the "picnic" for Huffman's tonight. Hope everything is okay?

Also wanted to let you know that I got that diaper finished last week, and I've been dying to give it to you :P If you come in to town at all (ever shop Walmart? lol) stop over! Otherwise, maybe I'll make a trip over to your neck of the woods.


Kelly b said...

Really great compliation of pictures! And yes, Mama Rose said it best, it brought back the emotions that are still so fresh in our hearts. You have very cherished memories Gonzalez family.

Sara Wester said...

How beautiful and touching! Jaden is truly a little miracle!

Krista said...

That was so neat! What a great family!