Thursday, March 23, 2006

This was when the hospital sent Ashley and Ethan their own medical kits. The kids loved it and it helped us in explaining what is going on with the baby.

They have really enjoyed playing with all of the items because they are all real and not pretend. It was a great thing the hospital did to help the kids in dealing with what is ahead.

Now they should not be so scared to see all of the things that will be on the baby and people around the baby.


Robyn said...

How sweet are they! What a great idea the hospital had to get the kids ready. That will really help to prepare them for what they will see. Have a good day, talk to you soon:)

Krista said...

That is such a great idea that the hospital had. I know that it can be scary to see something like that if you are not prepared. They are so cute!! They will be all ready.
Once the litte one arrives, how strict are the rules in the NICU? I know when we were there that the guests had to be with one of the parents and there could only be 2 at a time.
I love to see all the support you are getting and the flowers are just beautiful. I love the snow but they really made me want Spring to be here.
Have a great week-end!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I really can't get over how much they are growing! That was SO sweet of the hospital to do that! I hope you're all doing well and our thoughts are with you. I hope to be able to see you when you come down to the hospital!