Sunday, March 19, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Happy Birthday!!!

Just wanted to shout out a happy birthday to a handful of wonderful people. Sorry I am a few days late.

Bill (brother in law) turned 30 on Wednesday. Way to go Bill, what a great age. ;0 Mom had a birthday on Thursday (where she spent most of the day at the airport. Sorry mom. :( Pat (Kelly's mom) had a birthday on St. Patty's day. And Rod (Bill's dad) had a birthday yesturday.

Hope you all had a great birthday!!!

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Krista said...

Hi Guys,
Just checking in to see what was posted since my last visit. I am so glad to see that other people are adding notes and showing their support. It really means a lot to know that you have such support.
We had a crazy busy week-end and it seemed to fly by. Ken and Evan had hockey, we bought some exercise equipment, church, pictures, naps, groceries, and you know how it goes! It never stops.
We have been going to a new church that is in Cleveland, it is about 20 minutes away and we love it there. The people have been so welcoming to us. It is in a town of 650 people so it is very small and we have only been there a handful of times but have made so many friends already. Evan loves it and can't wait to start Sunday school.
Next week-end Mom and Dad are coming up to see Evan play hockey. We are all very excited to see them.
Have a great week. I just got my Ronald McDonald house filled up!!!! YEAH!!!