Monday, March 06, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

From our family to all of you......

We wanted to extend our thank you's for all of your support. We could not do it with out all of you!!!

Love to you all, Steph, Ashley, Ethan and Sal


Krista said...

Hi Steph, and Kids,
that is a GREAT picture of your family. You all look very happy.
I had some time so I thought that I would just send a note and say HI. I had my mother-in-law here so I could get some things done without having to take all of the kids out too.
Stacy and I are planning a big shopping trip with two of the girls from her work and we are very excited about it. We have been working hard and it is time to show off hte hard work.
Take care and I hope that you have a GREAT day. We love you and pray for you every day.

Krista said...

Sorry Sal, I went to correct a word and lost your name.
Steph, Sal, & Kids is what it should say.

Steph said...


Well, you guys have fun shopping. It is always nice to go with a bunch of girl friends rather then our husbands and kids. (Not that we don't totally love them or anything:) Buy some cute stuff and make sure when you get home that you model it ALLLL for Ken.

Give your kids big kisses for us. Ashley says especially Evan.

Love ya, Steph

Karen said...

Hey Gonzalez family,

I check this site almost daily, so thought I'd say hello....Sal, call Sam - he wonders how your radio is doing - and he gets lonesome out there! My job is good - after a year off, it's hard to get back into the swing of things. But, Hospice is a great organization and it's a great bunch of people. I've shared your story with 1 of our chaplains, so he may be adding to this blog also.

Say a prayer for our other niece and her husband - Terra & Tony. After years of trying to get pregnant, they finally are!! We're so excited for both of them, and pray that her pregnancy will be successful. They find out next week how many.......

Take care of yourselves and each other! We love you!


Krista said...

I can't wait to see you again. Mommy and I were just looking at some pictures of when we were in Elgin. It was fun to p[lay with you. Bye.

Krista said...

Hi Guys,
It looks like a beautiful day out today. I am off to the YMCA. The kids love to go and play there and I can get some time away and do something for me.
Have a great day and I will check in again soon.

Steph and Mitch T said...

Hey Steph, What a great picture!!

We are praying for you, and will be especially on the dates you mentioned.

Love Steph T. & all

p.s. I updated my blog. *wink*

Kelly Brandon said...

Gonzalez family!

Great picture! I want a copy to update and put it up at my house. Reading Karen's response that her chaplain might pop onto your blog and I am sure say a prayer or two for you all, well that is just soo cool! I didn't even think about the blog serving this purpose of being able to reach out to so many other people and have an even bigger prayer chain of people you may not even ever know! So cool.


Krista said...

Good Morning,
Just checking in. Have a great day, it lloks beautiful!
Can you send me Kelly's email if she won't mind? Thanks.

Karen said...

Good Morning!

Thought I'd let you know that Sam hit 500,000 accident free miles last night! It was especially bittersweet, because almost every week, grandpa Krueger would ask him how many miles he had - he liked to keep track. But, he knows, and he's smiling....

Have a great week-end...


Asti Paath said...

Cute family picture guys...Hi steph can we meet and hang out before you have labor. I want to see your big belly hihihihi...
Love you Steph...