Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well, everything at the doctors office went well today. All things are normal and where they should be with me. However, I am dialated 2cm and -1. The baby has dropped and is getting ready to come. Dr. Reagan said just be prepared to possibly have the baby this weekend. She made sure I understood that if I did go into labor, I would need to deliver at the St. Cloud hospital..

If that happened, they would then take the baby immediatly after delivery to the U of M hospital. I would not be released until they knew all was fine with me which would be to long for me. So we all need to send messages to this little one to not be to anxious to come out yet. Dr. Reagan said it is not completly uncommon for women who have already had children to start dialating early but gave me her cell number to call if the baby did come. She made sure to tell me many times to go to the St. Cloud hospital. (As if she was predicting the baby to come this weekend.)

This weekend, my dad will come on Saturday to help with some things and Kelly will come on Sunday. Robyn and Bill will be coming around to help with what is needed also. I plan on cleaning my minivan really good then packing and loading the van. I want to be packed before Monday and ready to go.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I am looking forward to it and will enjoy this last weekend at home (for awhile) with our family and friends.

Love to you all, Steph


Krista said...

It sounds like the Dr. visit went very well. It has to be a relief to know that all is going well so far. That is great that you have so many people that are able to come this week-end. As hard as it is going to be, put your feet up and let them take care of you and spoil you a little!!
I am up and waiting for Mom and Dad to get here. They were leaving IA at 8ish, they were in Cedar Rapids, and thought they would drive all the way. We are all excited about them coming. I have made lunch for tomorrow and am just waiting now. The kids are going to be so excited to see them in the AM.
Have a great week-end and remember, let them spoil you a little, or a LOT.

Sal and Steph Gonzalez said...


You guys have a great time this weekend. It is always so fun to have family come over. The kids especially love it and these are the times that they always seem to cherish the most. You let gma and gpa spoil the kids this weekend. You let them do some of the work for you.

Oh the sun is starting to peek out. Yeah!!!!

I took Ethan to the eye dr this morning and Ashley last week. They both needed glasses. Ethan was so bad that if we would not have caught it in the next few years, he would have developed a permanent lazy eye. So all of you who have little ones, go get their eyes checked. They even check babies.

Have a marvelous day..

Love, Steph

Kelly Brandon said...

What!! Both of your little ones need glasses already?? I figured since both you and Sal wear glasses that your kids would need them someday too but not already! But like you said good thing you checked...especially on Ethan. Well if your littlest one doesn't come early and comes on April 3rd as we are trying to had mentioned that you might come down Friday or Saturday. No problem! I guess kinda depending on your baby I do have tentative plans to take Claire out for a celebration dinner on Friday March 31st because she helped me greatly with getting my raise (yay!). But those are the only plans I had for the weekend. And of course you know you are still welcome in my home whether I am there or not! :)Just so you know Gonzalez family.

Tammy Krueger said...

Hi Steph, Sal, Ashley and Ethan,
We'll pray for you and the baby to stay in alittle longer. Alan and Ross are learning about Maple syrup (tappin some trees) with Lucy, Rocky and Grandma. The rest of the family will be at the cabin with 5 or more college age students.
Whitney and I are going running so I hope the trail isn't too icey.
We got school done for the week and Alan got 19/20 in his spelling test. Ross did well with remember ing the letters in the Dr. Suess alphebet book. And Derek is into everything...
Have a great weekend and relax! The baby will come at just the right time.
Call our cells whenever you go into labor.

Susan & Bob said...

Hi Steph and Sal-
Bob and I have had you all on our minds, hearts and prayers as you prepare for your baby's arrival. Steph I would love to come visit you at the U when you are up for some company. I remember with Nick it can get lonely even though you have lots of nurses to visit with.
We are trusting that God knows all that the days ahead will hold for you both and the kids- please remember to lean on him. I will keep checking in with Kelly to learn how things go for you. I know Kelly has offered her home to you guys but also know our house is open anytime for your use as you plan on spending time in the TC. We would love to take you out to dinner/lunch when you feel up to some socializing.
We think about you all the time and lift you up in prayer. With lots of love to you ALL- Susan and bob

Stacy said...

Hey Steph & Sal -
Good luck!! Everyone is praying for your family and the new baby! Take it easy and let everyone do the work for you. You enjoy the little break before things get even more crazy than they already are.
I hope you have a great weekend and good luck when your baby comes!!

Luv, Stacy

megan said...

Saw you this morning and thought to drop a note. If you need any help with the kids between now an delivery just give me a call and I can bring them over to my house for a few hours. If the baby decides to come before the 3rd and you need last minute overnight help give me a call and we'll figure it out! Otherwise, I've got to say, this blog site is pretty nice to be able to see how things are for you without bugging you all the time. Love and Prayers! Megan