Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A new member to the family

So Jose, Sal's dad, had found a Salamander at the shop under his tool box. Of course being that Ethan loves little creatures, Jose gave it to Ethan. We used one of Ethan's bug habitats to keep it in to see what would happen. Ethan found bugs & slugs for it daily in the back yard. So we went to the pet store to see about a cage for it and they highly recommended not keeping the one from the wild and to get one where we know the history. So after much thought, we agreed that we did not want to keep the one from the wild since we knew nothing about it.

Ethan got to pick a new little critter to buy and he picked a Crested Gecko. It is pretty cute and already gets a large amount of attention. Sal is a little scared of it still and I won't touch it yet. But it has been fun to have and learn about Gecko's.

Jaden says he wants to touch it but when we say fine and open the cage top he says no. It is pretty cute. Ashley will hold it today after school.

We are all pretty much better now just some of us have a little cough still. We got through this one ok.

Talk to you all later...

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Kristin said...

Fun! My kids would love to have a lizard of some kind. But, where would we keep it!? You know, all the extra space we have around here. LOL

We managed to get the cold bug here too, so I'm in the midst of dealing with a lot of coughing and a few runny noses. So far, I've managed to stay healthy!

Glad you all made it through the sickies!