Friday, September 26, 2008

Ash's first gymnastics meet

We are very excited for this weekend. Ashley has her very first gymnastics meet in St. Paul. She is nervous and excited all at the same time. She has been working extremly hard and can't wait to put her work to the test. We don't know what to expect being we have never been to a meet before. Tonight she will get her team leo, back and warm up suit. It will be really fun.

Ethan is working hard in swimming and getting ready for his first meet next month. He loves it so much and gets so excited when ever he is around water. He will also be getting a team suit, swim cap and warm up outfit. How cute will that be?!

Jaden is doing well and we are anxious to start his "theraputic Horsebackriding." He will do that one time a week and we will start that next month sometime. It will be in Monticello in a heated facility. That will interesting to see.

I am off now to make lunch. Probably good old mac n cheese. tata...

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