Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First round of sickness

So our family has officially started off the season of sickness. Jaden and Sal both started feeling sick last Friday, then Ash and I started on Monday then Ethan yesterday. Luckily it is only yucky cold stuff.

We have been taking huge amounts of vitamins and Ninja Red, this wonderful supplement we get from my mom. We have all kicked around the yuck and have not gone full blown with it and hopefully won't. I think with all of the supplements and vitamins, it has helped us all kick it away. I hope this is not a sign for a long sick filled winter.

Ethan has hip hop and gymnastics shortly but I thought I would swing in and say hi.


Kristin said...

Sorry 'bout the sickness! I hope you are all feeling better soon and are able to enjoy your weekend together. :)

Anonymous said...

My Mom suggested to use Airborne when I start feeling that tickle in my throat or my nose was getting congested. It was developed by a teacher to help prevent common colds. You just disolve it in some water and drink. I'ev used it once and didn't get sick and my Mom swears by it. Something else to try anyway. see you around! Megan