Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We had a good Easter weekend at the cabin. Jaden learned how to crawl on Friday night. We were at the cabin doing some things and Jaden was not near where we set him anymore. So we tried to have him crawl to us and he did. It was very exciting. Now he is getting into all of the trouble a little one year old should be.

He has not been eating or sleeping well this past week. He gets pretty fussy at night when he wakes up. He usually wants to eat at these times but has not wanted to eat and just been fussy. Jenny comes today to check him out and then we are going to set up a cardiologist appointment as well for him.

He loves life and is always smiling and laughing and has even started to be loud. It is fun to see all of these changes in him.

We continue to ask for prayers for him and our family as we are watching him daily hoping for lots of growth and hitting milestones.

Much love, Steph


hilarious kelly said...

Yaaaaayyy! Jaden crawled!! Wait. Did you say a memeber of the Gonzalez/Krueger family is loud?? Noooo. I just don't believe it. You barley know you guys are around most of the time. Ha! I know I'm hilarious. Hee hee hee. BTW...cool poem. Love it.

Mabel said...

Great work.