Monday, April 02, 2007

Jaden's "Message in a Bottle"

Hi Gonzalez family! I wanted to let you know that there is a "Message in a Bottle" for Jaden off the coast of Northern Ireland. I visited Giants Causeway in N.Ireland, on Saturday, with my Aunt Hazel, Uncle Thomas and cousins Esther and Lisa from Ballyclare N.Ireland. Here is a picture of the bottle...

I am also including a picture of Giants Causeway because it is an absolutely amazing place!

If you go to: you can read more about it.

This is a great idea and I am anxious to hear about any responses you may receive!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Happy Birthday Jaden!!

Luv, Stacy


Sal and Steph Gonzalez said...

Thank you Stacy for doing this. It means so much to us.

Also, Jaden got his first birthday wish via the mail from you which you sent from N. Ireland. It will be fun to have that post marked envelope and the money you taped on the card from N. Ireland.

Tia Kelly also sent Jaden a card and the post mark said American Heart Association. I am sure it was not by purpose but how cool is that. Thanks Kel.

2 more days until Jaden is 365 days old...

Love, Steph

Kristin said...

Hey Steph :) I was just being a brat about the contributor thing :P Hope you knew that! But thanks for adding me :)

I can't believe that Jaden is going to be a year already!!! Time just goes too quickly doesn't it?

The soaker is the pants, and I have lots of other sweaters. I could take pics, or you could come and look at them. I would be happy to make a pair for Jaden :) They don't take me long at all. In fact, on the purple pair, knitting the drawstring took about twice as long as the pants. lol

Let me know what you want to do!

Love ya!