Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday to our baby boy Jaden who is 1 year old!!!

This day last year my body was preparing as were the doctors and the NICU unit to bring Jaden into this world. He is truely a gift from God and an absolute miracle.

We could have not gotten to this day without the support, prayers and love from all of you. Thank you to all for the gift's you have given us.

We will celebrate his life tonight and have some ice cream cake which is one of the only non baby food he will eat. We will post his picture with his cake later on.

Love us...


Steph and Mitch T said...

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Jaden, you truely are a super star shining bright as a witness to God's faithfulness and love. Life is worth fighting for when we look at your precious smile and all that adorable hair. I'm so glad God blessed our lives with you!!

Steph & Mitch T

tia kelly said...

Hope you loved your ice cream b-day cake little one! If you didn't I think there may be some other family members who will help you out if you didn't!!:)

Thank you for coming into this world and blessing all of us with your gifts.

Asti Paath said...

Happy birthday Jaden!!!!

God bless you...