Saturday, February 17, 2007

Things have been a crazy whirl wind here. We have all been taking turns being sick to include Jaden. We went to the clinic last week for 2 1/2 hours with Jaden. He had a major ear infection. A few days later he was projectile throwing up. It was rough. He was up all night (many all nights) with his ear ache and his congestion from the very bad cold he then got.

Jaden has been having Occupational Therapy now for 2 weeks. He does not like that at all but needs it very much. This will be a weekly appointment at our house. We have a cardiologist appointment next week. We are hoping for some good results with the med changes we made.

We have also had a lot going on with Valentine's day things, appointments of all types and planning for Ashley and Audrey's birthday party... We are having a "royal ball." We have a ballroom and everything. It will be a lot of fun and a great time to just let loose from this very difficult past year we have all had. Adults as well as the children are required to dress up. There is a wide range from king's to dragons to knights to princesses. It will be a lot of fun seeing what everyone comes dressed as. We will be posting a slide show afterwards. I may have to make a montage of it since there will be a lot of pictures. We will see.

I will try to keep up my posting's weekly. I am sorry I have not but it has been quite difficult to even have the energy to pick up the computer with all else that is going on. I do see many of you are still checking regularly and again I am sorry for not being consistent.


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

MY , MY , I can not imagine why you do not have time to write !!
I'm surprised you have time to breath..........

Karen and Sam left today , what a joy to have had them here. We must get them moved to MN. Soon!!

We miss you all see you next week.

Hope everyone is feeling much better.

Love you all,

Krista said...

Hey Guys,
We have had the sick bugs here too. It will be so nice when spring is here and all of those germs can get out of the house. There is never enough lysol and germ killers. Those ear infections are the pits! Owen has tubes after his many!
It sounds like whatever comes your way you guys can get through. Keep up the good work. I hope that this week with the cardiologists goes well.
Things here have been very busy as well. I have tow daycare kids full time during the day and kids under 3 really keeps things hopping. So far things are going great and the kids love to have the children to play with.
the party for the girls sounds like something they will absolutely love. Have a great time and I hope you can enjoy it.
Take care! Lots of hugs and kisses.

kelly b said...

Sorry to hear you guys have all been sick. That is the last thing you need to deal recovery time. Augh!
Still thinking of everyone and soon you will all have a things are looking up! (No pun intended-okay yes, I did intend that pun!)

Sara Wester said...

I pray everything went well yesterday with Jaden's echo. I hope everyone is feeling better. Talk to you soon.

Krista said...

Just checking in to see how things went with Jaden's appointment. We think about you guys often and continue to keep you in our prayers.
Hope all is well there and I hope we can get together sometime when it is nicer out.
Take care.