Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gonzalez's Heart

Jaden has been doing pretty good overall. He is slowly getting to where he needs to be. He is still not eating any solids. We did find that he likes ice cream though. We will obviously hold off on that for just a few more months.

Occupational Therapy came yesterday to evaluate him and they said that he is very behind in his transitions from position to position. He is also very weak in his arms. We will be having OT come once a week to help get him where he needs to be. She is bringing a stimulation brush next week and we will rub it all over his body to help him with that. She said this is all very normal for his circumstances.

We had our cardiologist appointment today. Chip said he looked very good but then when he listened to him he heard what he called a "S3." This is something that is new to Jaden. Chip got concerned being that he had not had this before. So we did an Echo and EKG. After the Echo was done Chip came in and said his heart function was not good at all. He put Jaden back on Digoxin which helps with the heart function and has increased his Captopril as well. These together should help him function much easier and hopefully will make this "noise" go away. We have to go back Feb. 21st for another Echo to see if there is any change. If not then we will have to take a much more drastic measure. Chip seemed concerned but was trying to soften it. I am much wiser then that and could read his concern very well. I think he just is truly hoping that the change in meds will help. So we will see what happens in a few weeks. Hopefully all is back to where it needs to be.

We will continue to update weekly unless things come up. Thank you all for your support again.

Love, Steph


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

Miss You all...........

Take care and catch all these OOOOOXXXXX"s and our thoughts and prayers.

Sara Wester said...

I pray the new meds correct the noise in Jaden's heart. Also, I pray the OT can give you some practical tips on both eating and upper body strengthening. Ben has a great OT from CentraCare- it's amazing what they can do! As far as the ice cream goes, Jaden has excellent taste apparently! Take care and see you soon.