Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Gonzalez's Heart

We wanted to thank you all for your support. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives. We have been blown away by how supportive you have been with emails, phone calls, comments on this blog site, hugs and flowers from my wonderful brother, sister-in-law and their kids. You are all going to make a huge difference in going through this hard time. We are so lucky!!

Many of you have asked if they can add us to their church prayer lists or tell others of this blog site so they can come and also pray. We would absolutely love that. We totally believe in the power of prayer and we want as many people praying for our family as possible. God can work miracles and a lot can happen with a community of people praying over all that is going on.

Every hour in every day is so different. We will all be perfectly fine one minute and the next, we will be crying out of the blue with wonder of what will happen. Emotions are everywhere and we just keep reminding ourselves it is in God's hands and it will all work out how it is meant to.

Next week we will go in for a Level 2 ultrasound and meet with a genealogist who will explain a lot to us. We will also have to go down to the cities soon to meet with some of the surgeons and specialists who will be helping heal our little baby. Right now everything with the baby is fine because the baby is living off of my umbilical cord.

May you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Our friend Kelly is coming for the weekend to help us get our house put back together and our friend Steph is going to help watch the kids so we can get a lot accomplished. We have fallen so behind in keeping our house up and Kelly will help bring us back up to speed. Thank you Kelly!!

Love and much thanks to you all,
Sal and Steph


Robyn said...

hello Gonzo hope all is well on the homefront today. Sal can you find the hammer?

Krista said...

Hi Steph & Sal,
Use the help as it comes. Kelly will be great to have around. We think about your family often. I hope that all is going well for you as the days go by.
Take care.