Monday, February 08, 2010

It's a white day out today! Now this is what Minnesota is supposed to be like. I LOVE THE SNOW. I remember those days as a little kid when there was so much snow and things were cancelled. How fun.

Things have been well in our house. We have been staying well until this weekend. Ethan got flu like symptoms and Jaden had a bad cold that as always turned into Croup. We use Young Living Essential Oils in our house and I don't know how we ever lived without them. Ethan's symptoms lasted a day and a half. I gave him an influenza essentail oil bath and that helped him recover completely. When Jaden gets Croup he has it for at least 3 days without medication. With medication it is 1-2 days. With the oils it is 1 day. It is so amazing how powerful they are. When I have to decide between chemical filled medication or God's nature "oils" I definitly choose the oils. So Jaden is crazy wild again today and Ethan stayed home just to regain energy back fully and rest. What a great day to stay home.

Sal and his dad went to California last week to see his family. He had a great time and saw his grandma who just turned 100 a few days ago.

That's it here. Hope you are all doing well.

Love, Steph


dana said...

Hey!!! Glad to hear you are are well!!! Olive also has/had croup :( Could you let me know what those Oils are you use?? The meds really don't do much for Olive... nor does steam, mist, cold air or any of the "suggestions" the dr office always tells us!!! She is now pushing 3 weeks with the cough... ugh... i would love try something new, instead of the same old things that don't work :)


Anonymous said...
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