Friday, January 16, 2009

So Kelly's wedding was wonderful. We had some stressful times as we were all trying to get everything done at the end but it turned out just perfect. Jaden had gotten Croup right before the wedding so he was miserable most of the time and wasn't scared to let everyone know about it, but he made it down the eisle in his sleigh with a smile on his face.

We had our cardiology appointment on Monday and Chip said everything looked very good. We are tenatively setting a surgery date for early September. We think Jaden should be 30 pounds by then. We are very nervous since his surgeon has moved to CA. and there is a new one there. Chip assures me he is wonderful. We will have to see how we feel once we meet him. I am very good at going with my gut instinct. That is one thing I have learned since finding out about Jadens condition. My instincts have been amazing.

So we will camp and travel this summer and try to get Jaden to 30 pounds. He now weighs 27.4 pounds. We had weighed him last Friday and our food therapist and I didn't believe the scale, being he had been sick for 2 weeks, so we re-tried his weight 4 times and sure enough that is what he weighed. He had been 26.7 the last time and we both assumed he would be less. Way to go Jaden!!!

Ethan has been in 2 swim meets and improved so much from the first to the second meet. He loves it. He has a meet Sat. in Sartell and then the 24th in W. St. Paul. Then on the 31 he debuts on stage at the Paramount for his Hip Hop. Ash of course will be on stage as well and dance four dances, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Ballet.

Hope you are all staying warm in this extremely cold weather. Don't you just love MN?

Take care. Until next time.


Kristin said...

How did Ethan's swim meet go on Saturday? It was good to chat with you a bit the other day, and I am so thrilled to hear how Jaden is doing.

Take Care,

Sara Wester said...

Happy Birthday Jaden!