Thursday, November 06, 2008

So Good So Far!

I hope by saying this that it won't change our life, but so far we have stayed healthy. We continue to be very careful and limit Jaden to contact with people. He only gets to go into public places where he does not get close to people but this is very rare that he goes. I have his PCA here during times when I need to pick up the kids or take them places so I don't have to bring Jaden into that contact. For the most part our schedules work out really well.

He is doing wonderfully in horseback riding. He absolutely loves it. He listens very well and does whatever they ask of him. He is improving on his speaking as well. He is actually able to say quite a few words now and seems to learn a new one every couple of days. He is still not eating that well but has improved with his intake since the horseback riding has started.

Ash and Ethan are doing very well in school and seem to be soooooo smart. We are very proud of how well they are doing. We have conferences tomorrow so it will nice to see what their teachers say.

Ash has a gymnastics meet this Saturday. She still loves it very much and is nervous for Saturday. Ethan has been working very hard on his swimming and is getting ready for his first meet in December. He is also in boys tap and hip hop this year and will have his first dance show with Ash at the end of January. He just started learning his moves last night and it was soooooooooooooooooo cute.

Another VERY exciting piece of information I have, Kelly is getting married. That is right you read it correctly. She has been dating Will for almost a year now and they have decided to get married around their one year anniversary which is in January. That has not left a whole lot of time to plan but we all knew we could get it planned by then and it would be so nice. So hip hip hooray for Kelly and Will!!! News to come on the date and such...

That's it for now. Love and health to you all.

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Tia Kelly said...

awww. you wrote about me and Will. :) How sweet that we made history on your blog!