Monday, October 29, 2007

So I did a little better. It has only been a little over a month since our last post. Although a lot has happened in the last month.

Mom has moved to Clearwater and is still slowing getting settled in. It has been a lot of fun to have her so close. We go over often on random Sundays to have a family dinner after church and to work on projects. She has also watched the kids for us many times. It is great to have her close.

Dad and Mattie have already taken off to Arizona for the winter. They were still here this year for grandparents day at the kids school and were able to come. It was a lot of fun to have them come for the first time. They will come back as needed for work.

Lana our old nanny got married a few weeks ago. That was fun to be part of.

A very difficult thing that we have been faced with this past weekend is one of our drivers died in a motorcycle accident. It was a very hard thing to hear and we will be going to the funeral on Friday. His name was Paul Brennen and he was 33. Prayers for his family and friends would be wonderful.

Ashley and Ethan are doing great in school and are still loving up Jaden a ton. They argue over who gets to play with him. It is very sweet.

Jaden had his cardiology appointment last week and Chip said his heart function looked very good. He said overall Jaden looks wonderful. We are still planning on waiting until he weighs 30 pounds. He weighs 20lbs 11oz. He no longer is having OT or Speech (for eating) come. He is however about to start speech (for speaking) next week. He is only saying mama right now. He also is going to see a Dietician because he just does not get enough nutrients. They want him to drink Pediasure for his nutritional needs but that is very high in sugar so we are trying to find an alternative. He is happier then ever and is so glad to be alive. He is always smiling and still stealing the hearts of all who meet him. I will try to post some pictures soon.

Thank you to all who still support us in prayers and phone calls. We are living each day to the fullest and love life.

Love to you all, Steph


tia kelly said...

Well I haven't checked the blog in oh-so-long and lo and behold I checked today, the day the post was made! It was fun to see you for a brief time the other week. I am planning a trip up to your neck of the woods and want to try and factor in some "help Mama Rose unpack" time too!!

Karen said...

So good to read your update and that everyone is doing so good!! I'm sure that you are glad to have your mom so close to you. I'm sure that she is glad to be there too. Continued good reports on Jaden - he is a fighter, and how sweet he is!!

Hugs to everyone!

Cindy See said...

I am so sorry about your driver. I actually took the catering order for his funeral to the church that morning.

I can certainly attest to the fact that you little cutie-putie is a heart stealer!! He's just so precious and I love his smile.

I miss seeing you at school and hopefully after the holidays my life will calm down a little...yeah right!! hahaha I miss being involved! But I know this is a season and God has me exactly where I should be.

God bless you all!
Hugs, Cindy