Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Things have been very busy around here. We are preparing for Jaden's surgery figuring out schedules and when Sal and the kids will come down. We are also trying to stay healthy which has taken a downward spin in the past 2 days. Jaden had been having a runny nose since Sunday and then last night was up coughing all night and had a lot of stuff coming out of his nose. Today he has been fine but we all know that night is the hardest when being sick. We need a ton of prayers coming at him to be done with this by next week. Ashley was also coughing last night and this morning. She of course is always kissing Jaden and holding him. So they probably got sick from each other which at least is a cute way to get sick.

As some of you know, Sal and I are opening up a small ma and pa mechanic shop. We are very excited but have all of the preparation and planning for that going on at the same time as preparing for surgery. So needless to say it has been stressful. We actually get the keys today and will be going there in a few minutes. We have our first customer coming in first thing in the morning (The Theis's). We are not completely ready for business to start coming in but have planned on the Theis's so we have what we need for that.

We are so excited for this new addition to our business. I am sorry, we at this time are not doing oil changes. Many of you have been begging for it but have not decided to add that on to our shop at this time. We have spent many hours brainstorming about names and trying to decide what would be the best one for us. Our FedEx business name is Frontgate, so with some help from many others, Steph had come up with taking the F and G from Frontgate and came up with Fifth Gear. (Sorry Wally). So we are Fifth Gear Repair Inc.

Thank you all for your support with our family. We love you all!

The Gonzalez's


Krista said...

I don't know how you have the time to add another business to everything else that goes on at your house. You are amazing! It sounds like a great idea.
We keep the prayers going every day and hope that things go well with Jaden's surgery.
We are getting ready tos tart Evan's hockey this week-end so that will be fun. Ken is the head coach and I will be the team manager.
Take care and it is awesome to see all of the continued support that you are getting. Way to go everybody!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Steph and Mitch T said...

WOW! I am sooooo pleased with the AWESOME service I received at the shop yesterday. [[very big grin]] I felt like the most important customer in the whole wide world. I'm so grateful for all you did to accomodate me. I cannot tell you how much better it feels to ride in a van that has brakes that actually work without grinding. Sal showed us the old pads that he took off last night (in true mechanic form :) and they were BARE in most spots. It was quite scary.

It was wonderful to be able to run all my errands today that I needed to get done, and I am very pleased to say that I found some appropriate fabric in the *ahem* correct colors we were discussing, and I can't wait to get your next project sewn up. :)))

Also, Kristin called the church, so hopefully they will put a prayer request for Jaden in Sunday's bulletin.

Love ya,
Steph T