Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

This past week has been pretty rough. Jaden has been very very crabby and is spitting up a ton. When Jenny (homecare nurse) came on Thursday and weighed him, he had only gained one once in two weeks. That is 13 ounces to little. His sats were a little low and she was concerned at how uncomfortable he was with his spitting up. We got in to the Dr. on Friday and got bumped up two weeks to see his Cardiologist tomorrow. Friday the Dr. actually talked to Chip on the phone and the two of them decided to wait on any tests until we see Chip tomorrow. They did put him on Zantac and doubled his Reglan to help with all his stomach stuff. I will let you know tomorrow what Chip says and how the appointment goes.

We do need a lot of prayers for Jaden and for our family. It has been very stressful on Sal and I. In return the kids have been a little off the wall. We are all tired as the stress drains us so much. The Dr.'s keep telling us that it is the other Dr.'s area of concern so we are not getting any kind of answers. If it were not for Jenny and her help, I am not sure what we would do. We just need one of the Dr.'s to step up and say, I will take care of it and help to figure out what is going on. We have none of that.

Jaden is crying so I better be off. Love to you all.. Steph


Krista said...

Hi Steph,
Sorry to hear that things are going rough. It is so hard when nobody wants to be in charge. Just stay on them and don't back down until you are getting the answers that you want. Keep calling, keep paging.....whatever it takes to make sure that the little super star is OK. Hope that things start to look up for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, even Super Stars need a break. All us parents know that our kids cycle on eating habits and stuff. One week there's not enough food in the fridge, the next week they don't want anything. Jaden just doesn't know that he's special and not allowed to do that yet. :>) Hang in there Gonzalez'. Jaden has been doing so wonderful and healing so well, I pray that this is just a small speed bump that he's negotiating then he'll take off again. Prayers to you all, Megan