Monday, May 08, 2006

Well.......... the day we have been praying for has finally arrived!!! Jaden gets to go home tomorrow, tuesday afternoon!
Steph was talking with the doctor and they feel it is time. They did another scan today watching him drink, and with the thickening stuff he's doing great! He still needs to get stronger to be able to drink without it, becuase it still goes down the wrong tube without being thicker. They will have another test in 6-8 wks to check on his drinking. So we will pray for him to get stronger every day.

Kelly stopped by this evening to help Steph pack up her things, and Sal will go down there at noon tomorrow, to pick up his super star Jaden and Steph. How awesome it will be for them all to be together again after 5 wks. They are going to surprise Ashley and Ethan, so nobody say anything to them.

Steph you are such an inspiration to all, what a great wife, sister, and the best mother a child could ask for. Jaden is such a lucky boy to have you in his life!

Thank-You everybody for your continuous love, support, and prayers!! It means the world, and it wouldn't have been the same without all of you to be there in each of your own ways!!!

Welcome home sweet Jaden!!! We all love you very much, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!
Love auntie, Robyn


Steph and Mitch T said...

Yaaaaayyyyy!! Praise God! This news was totally unexpected and unlooked for. Oh Steph, I can't wait to hear your voice...I can only imagine your excitement, nervousness, and oh the joy... Many happy tears!

Love and hugs and kisses, and of course prayers,
Steph T

Kristin said...

Yipee!!! I am so excited for you all!! Praise the Lord!


Cindy See said...


This is such wonderful news!!! I can just picture Ashley on Wednesday at school!! She is going to be so happy when she sees her Mom and little brother tomorrow.

Thank you, Jesus!!

Kristin said...

Just as an add on... it is Alex's 8th birthday tomorrow :) So, I'll always remember the day Jaden got to come home to his family...


Krista said...

Wow, I was shocked when I read the great news. I figured yesterday when you said they were goin gto start talking about it that it may happen next week! That is so great. The kids are going to be so happy to have everybody home!!!

Take care and enjoy! I will still check the blog to see how things are going!

I just sent an update and a thank you note to Evan's class for all the pop tabs. I have a huge gorcery bag full!!


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...


I'am so happy for you all.

Love, Mattie

Cindy See said...

Boy keeping secrets are hard!! Especially such a happy secret!

As I was leaving the school building this morning, Ashley came in and said hi to me and that she was now all day. She told me how fun it was. All I could think was, oh wait until you come home today, Sweetie!! :) I can just imagine that beautiful smile when she sees you and Jaden!

Happy tears are flowing today!Praise the Lord!!!

kelly smelly, kelly belly, geef, auntie kelly, tia kelly said...

Well of course I am soooo happy and glad that Steph and Jaden get to be back at home and that Ashley and Ethan can have their mommy back and hopefully get back into a regular schedule!!
But of course there are the few tears(okay, you guys know, more than a few tears) because I don't get to see Steph and Jaden regularly. :( I liked having you guys so close. It's been exciting to see how fast Jaden is grownig and changing. And I know he will only change so much more when I see him next time. I already can't wait to see you guys again!
Thank you Lord for your miracles and so many answered prayers!

Anonymous said...

cream cheese wontons anyone??

Ethel, Edgar and the Kids said...

GREAT NEWS!!!! I've been waiting to hear those words. I know that everyone will get back into the groove right away..knowing that Mommy and Jaden are home. Only wish we could be there to help celebrate Jaden's home coming. Know that we are there in spirit!

All our love!!
Ethel, Edgar and the kids

Carlos and Adina Harvey said...



Just think you will be in your own bed TONIGHT!! This is such a blessing for all of you!! What GREAT news!!

Excited to see you!!
Love, Adina

Anonymous said...

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