Thursday, April 06, 2006

Here is Sal at the Ronald McDonald house. They have it decorated so nice, I know Ashley and Ethan will have a good time while they're there. This is such a great place, they have EVERYTHING there for families! I never knew how much support they gave. I am glad that Steph and Sal get to stay here. Also it is only 2 blocks from where Jaden will be staying, so a quick shuttle or a nice walk. Have a great night! See you soon...

Luv, Robyn


Carlos and Adina Harvey said...

Sal you are soo funny! Always looking on the brighter side of things. Anything to create a laugh! I think the opportunity that you guys have to stay at the Ronald McDonald House should really give us a different insight of those money containers at the drive-thurs at McDonald's. Never know how that extra change you drop in could really help and make a difference in someone's ability to stay there.

Please let us know how Jaden is doing!

God' Blessings!!
Love and Good Night! Adina and family

Krista said...

It's nice to see a smile on Sal's face! The Ronald McDonald House looks like a nice place.

I have been wondering all day about what has been going on with everything. Do you know when the surgery will be for sure? How is everybody doing? We think of you often!

Robyn said...

They will move Jaden tomorrow (friday) over to the new place, then the surgery will be on tue of next week..... Thanks Krista for all you support that is soo awesome!! Your right, the only thing Steph and Sal can use right now is that gift of you donating to their stay, how very thoughtful. Take care, and talk to you soon

Love Robyn

Karen said...

I agree - those money containers at McDonald's will mean a lot more now - we will be calling the one that Steph & Sal are staying at. We want to help, and from so far away, that's about all we can do right now. It will be nice for them that it is so close to the hospital.

Sweet little Jaden - is so adorable - I think he looks like Ashley! I check the sight many times daily, like so many other people, so we're all so glad for any news.

Our love and prayers to everyone!

Sam & Karen

Steph and Mitch T said...

Good Morning Gonzalez family! My thoughts and prayers are with you almost constantly. I confess that I too am checking the site frequently for updates. I can't wait to hear how Jaden is doing! Did they get his blood pressure up? How is his 0xygen Sat. level--does he still need the respirator? Did they let Steph try to nurse him? Have Ashley and Ethan gotten to go visit?
I'm so glad that the RMH is going to be a comfortable place to stay. It's good that Sal can be himself--having fun, too. Keep your spirits high!
Love ya,
Steph & Mitch

Krista said...

Good Morning,
Just thought I would check in and see what the news is. How is Jaden doing? Can you post the information about where he will be. Stacy and I are going to stop in tomorrow but we need to know where you will be. My cell # is 507-469-4953.
I can't wait to see everybody.
Thanks for the updates, I think the site is really helping everybody keep up!!!
Love to all of you,

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm just checking in on your family - I'm so glad you have a blog!! My best to your family, so far so good! Brielle Stoyke (CentraCare Clinic)

Krista said...

Hi Guys,
Checking back to see what has been going on there. I have been looking up little Jaden's condition and it sounds like there are so many success stories out there. There are so many encouraging stories!!
We pray that all is going well with ALL of you. Let us know where you are so we can stop in tomorrow.

Beth said...

Hope youare doing better & Jaden has our prayers